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Win Toys, Tickets and More in the IMAX Godzilla Sweepstakes!

Godzilla is going big. The mega monster movie is crashing onto movie screens next week, accompanied by a host of toys and collectibles we’re just dying to get our hands on. Now you can win some of that bounty —

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Kill Bill Action Figure Giveaway – Pai Mei and Bill!

“Whatever – WHAT-EVER – Pai Mei says, obey.” Welcome to another installment of our weekly Movie Gallery Giveaways! The winner from last week’s fun Scream Giveaway has been selected, and the Ghost Face Headknocker and 7″ action figure are packed

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Scream 4 Action Figure & Extreme HeadKnocker Giveaway!

“There’s something really scary about a guy with a knife who just… snaps.” We’re at it again with another Game Crazy weekly giveaway! The two 7″ action figures from last week’s Conan the Barbarian Giveaway have been shipped to a

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Conan the Barbarian Action Figure Giveaway!

“What is best in life?” Free stuff, of course, so welcome to’s weekly giveaway! Last week we gave away a Napoleon Dynamite prize pack, and we can only assume it won’t be too long before Head Knocker Kip is

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Napoleon Dynamite Flippin’ Sweet Prize Pack Giveaway!

“What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?” Welcome to this week’s Movie Gallery giveaway! Last week was a ton of fun with our fantastic Rare Labyrinth Action Figure Giveaway. Jareth the Goblin King has now set off to abscond with

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Labyrinth Rare 7″ Action Figure Giveaway!

“Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave…” We’re back with another Movie Gallery giveaway contest! We’ve been focusing on the frightening for the past few weeks, as evidenced by last week’s bloody

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The Devil’s Rejects Action Figure Box Set Giveaway!

“What’s the matter, kid? Don’t ya like clowns?” Welcome to another round of giveaways brought to you by! We had a frighteningly good time with last week’s Hellraiser giveaway. Pinhead & his Lament Configuration puzzle box have now shipped

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Hellraiser 7″ Action Figure & Puzzle Box Giveaway!

“What is your pleasure, sir?” Welcome to this week’s Movie Gallery giveaway contest! The prizes from last week’s Death Proof Prize Pack Giveaway have been sent off to the bright contestant who answered the trivia question correctly, and now we

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Tarantino’s Death Proof Prize Pack Giveaway!

“I’m afraid you’re gonna have to start getting scared… immediately!” Welcome to another round of Movie Gallery’s weekly giveaway contest! Last week we had a lot of fun with the Lost Boys Giveaway, and the Michael & David action figures

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The Lost Boys Action Figure Giveaway!

“Great! The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch!” We’re back with another excellent Movie Gallery giveaway! Last week we featured one of our favorite all time horror/comedies with our Army of Darkness Giveaway. This week we’re giving away two action figures from another

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Army of Darkness Action Figure & Head Knocker Giveaway!

“This…is…my…BOOMSTICK!” Salutations and welcome to another installment of our weekly giveaway contest! Last week was a blast with our cool Reservoir Dogs Box Set Giveaway, and the final entries have been submitted and the prize shipped to the lucky winner.

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Reservoir Dogs Action Figure Box Set Giveaway!

“Was that as good for you as it was for me?” Here we go again with another Movie Gallery Giveaway! The prize from last week’s spooky Beetlejuice Giveaway has now been shipped off to the home of one lucky winner.

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Beetlejuice Giveaway – Rare 7″ Action Figure + Couch Scene Diorama

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice! BEETLEJUICE! We had a frighteningly good time over the past week with our Exorcist Giveaway! Now that the contest is over we have contacted the lucky winner and sent the prize on its way. This week we’re continuing

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The Exorcist Giveaway – Possessed Regan Deluxe Box Set + T-Shirt!

“…I’m the Devil. Now kindly undo these straps.” We hope you had as much fun with last week’s Ghostbuster’s Giveaway as we did! With Gozer and her party lights banished from our world and destined to haunt the mailbox/freezer of

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Ghostbusters Giveaway – Rare Gozer Action Figure and Slimer String Lights!

“All right! This chick is TOAST!” We hope you enjoyed last week’s Grindhouse Giveaway! The action figures and accessories are now on their way towards one lucky fan’s mailbox. This week we’re revisiting one of our favorite classic comedies in

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Grindhouse Fun Pack Giveaway!

“I was going to be a stand-up comedian.” After last week’s exciting Terminator 2 giveaway, we’re bringing you another action-packed contest! This week we focus on Grindhouse, the double feature tribute to 1970s B-movies from directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert

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Terminator 2 Giveaway – 18″ Endoskeleton Action Figure with Light-up Eyes!

“I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.” We hope you had as you had as groovy as a time as we did here in the Movie Gallery with last week’s Stanley Mouse Limited Edition Grateful Dead Lithograph Giveaway.

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Grateful Dead Limited Edition Stanley Mouse Lithograph Giveaway!

“Come hear Uncle John’s band playing to the tide” We’ve just finished packing up the prizes from last week’s Sin City Giveaway, and here at Movie Gallery we’re shifting our focus to the dead. The Grateful Dead, that is. This

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