When you think “zombie movie,” what genre do you think? Horror is the obvious answer, and thanks to films like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, comedy comes in a somewhat close second. But someone was thinking outside the box when they came up with Warm Bodies, because it’s a zombie romance. Yes, romance, like love story.

When Harry Ate Sally?

The movie is based on the book of the same name, and I can only assume author Isaac Marion was watching When Harry Met Sally and thought, “You know what would make this movie better? If Harry was a zombie.” Possibly the very first romantic zombie comedy, Warm Bodies follows the story of R (that’s all he can remember of his alive name), as he decides he’d rather love than eat a pretty little blond girl. The trailer makes it seem like love can cure the zombie plague, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty funny.

Eating John Malkovich

The book only came out about a year ago, so it’s surprising to see it translated to the big screen in such a short time frame. But why not? It’s a romantic comedy (read: chick flick), but it has zombies (read: guy appeal). Win-win, right?

Well, at least we’ll have something to balance out the upcoming Brad Pitt vehicle World War Z, which is definitely not a comedy.

Not a romantic comedy, anyway.

Not a romantic comedy, anyway.

Warm Bodies is being directed by Jonathan Levine, director of 50/50. It stars Nicholas Hoult as the zombie R, Teresa Palmer as love interest/zombie cure Julie Grigio, Rob Cordry as M, and John Malkovich as General Grigio. Dave Franco, Analeigh Tipton and Cory Hardrict are also among the cast.

It’s slated to release on February 1st, 2013, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Aww.