Ever wondered what a piranha might look like combined with a snake? A dinosaur and a shark?
Of course you have!!

Who hasn’t? Well okay, maybe most people haven’t, but SOMEBODY did, and thanks to their wandering mind and what we can only assume was a devastating drought of porn, these creatures have been concocted and realized in all their cinematic glory.

Here are our five favorites:

5. Dinoshark

See how this works? Take one animal, add another, blamo! Instant monster. The star of 2010’s Dinoshark doesn’t quite rate up there with some of the all-time best, but still gets points for being a mysterious and spiny terror of the deep.

4. Supergator

Arriving in 2007, Supergator was an attempt to “cash in” on the success of #3. It wasn’t even an animal combined with another animal. Now take a shark and add a gator to it, or a parakeet. Then you’ve got something!

3. Dinocroc

That’s more like it! DinoCroc came out in 2004 and started this wave of combined-animal-monsters, and the gag is even better because a giant dinosaur crocodile is basically the same thing as a giant crocodile anyway. True movie magic. Note that Dinocroc also took on Supergator in 2010’s Dinocroc vs. Supergator, starring David Carradine.

2. Piranhaconda

Piranhaconda belongs on this list if only for the cleverness of the wordplay. Seriously, it just flows off the tongue. Go ahead and say it out loud: “Piranhaconda.” The movie came out in 2012 and, yeah, it was better than Lincoln. There. I said it. Michael Madsen FTW.

1. Sharktopus

It is a shark. Combined. With an octupus. While you pick up the pieces of your blown mind, take a second to bask in the deadly awesomeness that is Sharktopus. The original Sharktopus came out in 2010, and while we keep waiting for a sequel or a match-up against the Piranhaconda or even the Dinocroc, nothing’s been announced as yet. Surely Sharktopus can’t be a one-hit-wonder?

Sharktopus (2010) Official Trailer