Wow, who would have thought that Seth MacFarlane would ever be picked to host the Academy Awards? Was Billy Crystal busy this year? It’s not like he’s still acting, right? Is this for real? Well, according to a similarly disbelieving post on, it is indeed the case.

This February, Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the Oscars.

It’s not like a teddy bear and hookers were getting him on the red carpet.

As much as I love Seth MacFarlane, and making fun of his amazing ability to make bestiality funny again, I find it hard to believe he would be chosen to be Master of Ceremonies in February. He’s only hosted one other “awards show” and I use the quotes with good reason. It was the roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central.

While I agree both are a joke, the Oscars are a pretty important one to Hollywood types, and being chosen to host is considered pretty prestigious. This is tantamount to having Dan Castellaneta or Billy West host. Never gonna happen.

Is Seth MacFarlane popular enough to host really? He makes a couple of cartoons, one of which was cancelled twice. Most of the people watching that one are the same people watching the others. I’m pretty sure the only reason he was chosen is because of his voice. If you saw the Roast, or have heard him sing, you know Seth Macfarlane has the type of voice that would have seriously put him in the Rat Pack back in the day.

It’s like warm butter on hot pancakes, and it’s a shame he hasn’t cut an album. Maybe with the exposure he gets from the Academy Awards job, he’ll finally have enough people recognize his crooning abilities.

Until they find out about the interspecies love making. You knew this pic was coming, right?

Do you think Seth is really hosting the Oscars or this another hoax? Let us know in the comments.