Zombie Rises Up Again

From the title, it sounds like Rob Zombie returned to his roots and put another album out. But no, he’s enjoying the vagaries of film too much to go back to merely audio assault. The Lords of Salem is Zombie’s most recent foray into the world of horror movie mayhem, and this film could be, perhaps, his most impressive venture yet.

More Horrible Than Horror

While it may not be the new studio album I was hoping for, music plays an important role in the story. An album that plays itself backward is delivered to a Salem radio station, and the DJ who initially played the album finds herself slowly descending into a world of hurt and misery as a coven of witches return to Salem.

rob zombie

There’s more, but why ruin it? Trust me when I say it’s a horror movie, in the same vein of gory goodness we’ve come to expect from Rob Zombie.

Watch The Trailer Below (NSFW, R-Rated)

Are You Afraid?

The movie relies more on the unpredictable aspects of crime, the sheer random horror of it all. It doesn’t try to delude us with reasons for it’s existence, it just does. The victim isn’t chosen for any particular reason, the bad shit just happens to her.

Because our nightmare’s are just another day at the office for Rob Zombie.

The lack of control and absence of reason that accompanies most crimes are what lay exposed in this movie. It’s a visual romp through Rob Zombie’s nightmares, so you can imagine it’s pretty horrible.

Are There Prizes for Scaring People?

While it likely won’t end up winning too many Oscars, or nominations for that matter, all that proves is Academy judges are stuck up movie snobs.

The Lords of Salem started filming October of last year, and Zombie is shooting for a limited theatrical release this Christmas. You’d think it’d be more appropriate coming out now, but the film industry is a subtle and insidious beast that doesn’t always make sense to muggles like us.

Either way, I’m looking forward to this one!