Magic Mike is like Snakes on a Plane – you know what you’re in for even before the movie starts, and that’s what you get. In this case, Magic Mike, aka “Snakes in Thongs,” is exactly what you would expect a movie about male strippers, starring Channing Tatum, to be. Tatum isn’t the only pretty face body on display though.

The talent includes Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and more. Ladies – I would suggest bringing your drool bucket. Guys, well, we have a scene at the beginning with Olivia Munn and that’s about it. Sorry.

Glitter And Crumbled Dollar Bills

In case you were unaware, Magic Mike is a movie inspired by the real life experiences of Tatum who got his start at 19 as a stripper in Tampa. The movie is about a down on his luck Kid, Adam (played by Pettyfer) who finds himself unexpectedly under the tutelage of Mike (Tatum) and is on his way to becoming the hottest thing in Tampa since the weather.

I don’t remember strippers looking like this…

Of course not everything is glitter and crumpled dollar bills – drugs, relationships, group politics, and Adam’s sister Brooke (Cody Horn) all rear their heads throughout the film. As much as the movie is about Adam finding a new and exciting life, it’s also about Mike’s journey to find who he really is. Is he a magical piece of man meat, or is he an entrepreneur and creator of custom furniture? That’s the real tough question faced here.

More Abs In 3 – 2 – 1…

This film is as much, or more, of a show/spectacle than it is a narrative piece. The story really only serves to connect one scene of steamy abs to the next. There are a few sub plots involving Paige’s conflicting disgust with her brother’s new lifestyle and her attraction to Mike, Mike’s struggle to become a legitimate business man/artist, and Adam’s spiral out of control as he makes a few bad decisions along the way.

This picture speaks for itself.

Mostly though, this seems to be Tatum’s way of saying “See, look. I was a stripper and I’m not ashamed of all the fun it was. And now, because I’m an actor, I can strip again but this time it’s legit.”

McConaughey, Tatum, Pettyfer… Oh My

The cast is surprisingly competent in this one – it could have been miles worse. If I learned anything from this movie, it’s that Matthew McConaughey is really, truly, insane, in the way that lets him own the screen anytime he’s present. Tatum’s acting ability has obviously grown – though I still don’t buy him as an entrepreneur. Pettyfer is also perfectly capable, though this could have been an opportunity to really shine and make a name for himself. Even Olivia Munn proves she can actually act and not just be the pretty face on nerd programming everywhere.

Watch The Trailer

2.5 Out of 5

At the end of the day, this is still a male stripper spectacle with just enough class and depth that you don’t feel too guilty watching it. It’s even got a few pretty funny scenes to its credit. Fans of hot guys with a little raunch are going to eat this one up – everyone else, don’t bother. Widgets

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