Welcome back, Movie fans!

It’s been a long while since we welcomed you into our site, but once again, here we are. Not just time has passed us by, but an entire company. Under new direction, new format, new structure, Movie Gallery is back!

An entire generation blossomed in what it seemed like the perfect model – tons and tons of movies under one roof. Rented, watched, enjoyed, returned, and on to the next one. Now, in a socially-driven world, industries are being disrupted by young, agile startups. Where did we hear that before?

But now, more than ever, the most fundamental part of any business model is you, the customer. You want cheaper and faster, but you also want quality, and when one of those elements fail, efficient customer service. Because you deserve it. It’s that simple.

Still Dedicated To Serving You Better

In our new format, we’ve created a social scoring algorithm to bring only the most popular stories to you. By filtering what you and your friends have liked, shared and tweeted, our algorithm ranks them according to popularity. Our goal is to become your source for entertainment news.

We sincerely want you to enjoy our new format. Over the upcoming months, we’ll continue to make improvements, and for that, your feedback is our most important asset.

Share, tweet, like, but ultimately, come back. And let us know how we’re doing. We’ve put a lot of effort into preserving the essential premise of Movie Gallery, and now your experience will determine its success.

The comments are open. Go nuts!