The trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s Comic Con documentary has been released to the public over at Apple Trailers.

Spurlock, who is an Academy Award nominated director for his work on Super Size Me, combined forces with legendary comic book writer, Stan Lee, to create the first documentary about the world’s largest comic book and popular art’s convention – San Diego Comic Con.

What IS Comic Con??

The release of the trailer has been anticipated among the enthusiastic Comic Con community. Having mentioned that this is the first documentary that divulges into the world of passionate comic/pop culture fanatics, it’s no wonder why the public is so anxious to see what it’s all about.

Can I borrow your Lightsaber?

What's he looking at?

With big names like Spurlock and Lee attached to this project, the audience can expect to see Comic Con in a unique way and also realize that this event is more than just an excuse to wear your best Star Wars costume. The producers that are working alongside Morgan Spurlock and Stan Lee are as followed:

  • Joss Whedon (Writer and director of The Avengers)
  • Thomas Tull (CEO of Legendary Pictures)
  • Harry Knowles (Ain’t It Cool News founder)
  • Jeremy Chilnick (Producer of Freakonomics)
  • Matthew Galkin (Producer of The Dotted Line)

“I Met My Wife At Comic Con”

Say what, Stan??

The trailer also reveals stars like Seth Rogen, Seth Green and Kevin Smith, who also look forward to this cultural event. While watching the preview, you can catch a glimpse of what Comic Con is really about, and how the stereotypes that suggest that teenage boys are the only ones who enjoy this comic convention, are anything but right.

See For Yourself

My pecs are definitely bigger than yours.

So, after all that waiting, you can finally check out the trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s much anticipated Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Dream. Get the inside look of the only event where you’ll see Spiderman and Batman have a cup of coffee together while Chewbacca checks Facebook on his iPhone.

Catch the trailer over on Apple Trailers.