predator s10 toy fair

Everything old is new again

Today NECA posted images of some all-new Predators action figures, and for those old-school toy geeks out there, this one’s a doozy! Series 10 is apparently a tribute to the “non-canon” figures released by Kenner back in the day, but with a more grown-up interpretation. It’s doing Nightstorm Predator, Lava Planet Predator, and Hive Wars Predator, and we dug up pictures of the old version so you can see the “before” and “after.”

Kenner’s versions

And now for NECA’s versions…

Nightstorm Predator


Lava Planet Predator


Hive Wars Predator


According to the post, Predators Series 10 action figures will ship in August, and it will run a contest in advance of that date to win all three figures. We love free stuff, especially Predators-related free stuff, so we’ll be sure to let you guys know when the contest starts!

And that wasn’t all NECA’s Predators news – check out this awesome Trophy Wall it’s releasing in May!


It’ll come with one exclusive trophy, and have pegs to hold the trophies that have been packaged in previous Predators action figures. This summer’s going to be a hot one for Predators fans!