Linz as Liz

Part-time actress and full-time Hollywood whipping post Lindsay Lohan seems to have some interest in mounting a comeback and has gotten as far as starring in a Lifetime television movie about the turbulent relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and her co-star, Welsh actor Richard Burton (played by Grant Bowler). The first trailer has just been released:

Liz & Dick Lifetime Movie Trailer

It’s a costume party!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Lindsay Lohan has enjoyed a bit of glam-type dress-up. Need we remind you of her many Marilyn Monroe-type exploits?

Yes? Well, okay:

And that’s not even counting the Playboy shoot. Setting aside what it is about “crazy” or at least the perception of crazy that men continue to find hot, we get it. Young actresses, troubled, pills, freckles, whathaveyou. The “rescue me from myself” appeal.

You could argue back and forth all day about whether LiLo is quite the same kind of icon as “MaMo” (copyright 2012, but there are more than a few parallels there, and not just the photographs.

Lifetime is pretty quick to draw lines between the young Ms. Lohan and Liz Taylor as well, as the poster for the television movie shows:

Very clever throwing in “jewelry lover.” I almost didn’t get it at first, then remembered Linz’s B&E stint in 2009. Kudos to whoever came up with that one.

Ms. Lohan doesn’t seem to do herself too many favors, but it’s kind of hard not to pull for someone so consistently attacked by, well, everybody. So maybe Liz & Dick will be a springboard to a new career where people aren’t just kind of hanging around waiting to exploit this young woman alternately for cruelty’s sake and financial gain.

Your Take

What do you think? Can Lindsay mount a comeback and ever be taken seriously as an actress, or is this just another part of a young woman’s downfall?

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Liz and Lindsay