“You and I have unfinished business.”

With the frightful Freddy and Henrietta from last week’s Cult Classic Demons Giveaway shipping off to the home of one lucky fan, we’re out for revenge this week, and no one does revenge quite like Quentin Tarantino and his Kill Bill films! Get your Hattori Hanzo sword out of hock and get ready for the Texas trailer showdown of the century!


Kill Bill Volume 2 Action Figures – Elle Driver and Beatrix

570 wide ElleVSBea

Beatrix Kiddo: the real name of the Bride. She was a member of Bill’s Deadly Viper Assassination Squad… until she discovered she was pregnant with Bill’s child. She tried to leave that life behind for a fresh start, but Bill tracked her down and left her for dead at the Two Pines Wedding Chapel. When she woke from her coma, she coined the phrase that would serve as the movie’s title: Kill Bill. Beatrix comes with sword, sheath, antenna, eyeball, and a display base that connects to Elle’s base for an epic showdown!

Elle Driver. The California Mountain Snake. This member of the Viper Assassination Squad is a cruel and heartless bounty hunter. She’s incredibly jealous of the relationship the Bride and Bill once shared. Elle was trained by Pai Mei and ultimately poisoned him to death, revealing how evil and treacherous a foe she really is. Elle comes with sword, sheath, suitcase, bundles of cash, a snake, and a display base.

Kill Bill Action Figure – Crazy 88 Director with Blood-Spraying Action

650 height director

This 7″ scale action figure truly embodies the blood-spilling, gung-ho violence of Quentin Tarantino’s action movie in every aspect… it even has removable limbs and head! Recreate the fan-favorite “House of Blue Leaves” scene, where the Bride goes to town on Go-Go and the Crazy 88 Fighters. This articulated Crazy 88 Director Figure (played by Tarantino himself in the movie) features blood-spraying action, and comes with removable mask, katana sword, axe, and a diorama display base. Ages 18+.


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