The Hunger Games Phenomena!

The Games Come Home!

The Hunger Games movie released on DVD/Blu-Ray this past Friday, and already seems to be among the highest-selling DVDs of 2012! Not that we ever had any doubt.

The push for the release was huge as well, with WalMarts putting the movie on shelves at midnight and hosting “District Parties” around the country with cast members, giveaways, trivia and more.

The world’s hugest retailer also has a TON of WalMart exclusive Hunger Games items, from notebooks to jewelry and more for back-to-sch0ol or just showing your love for what’s already one of the most successful franchises of all time. Have you seen the Mockingjay headphones yet?

With full stereo sound and a foldup headband, the headphones are just one of the great NECA WalMart exclusives for The Hunger Games to celebrate the release of the DVD and anticipating the release of Catching Fire next year!

The full line of NECA Hunger Games WalMart Exclusives is here:

Trivia at HollywoodVideo!

Think you’re up on all things Hunger Games? Then hit up HollywoodVideo on Facebook or on Twitter and get in on the action!

  • On Facebook – Like and keep an eye on their feed so you can be the first to answer the questions
  • On Twitter – Follow them and answer questions by replying and using the hashtag #WalmartHG

Trivia runs through this Wednesday, and the prizes change every day, so make sure you get in while the getting’s good!

More details here:

New Hunger Games Action Figures!

Our good friends over at NECA have been paying homage to The Hunger Games the best way they know how — with a new line of the best in Hunger Games merch! Their Series 1 Hunger Games figures were awesome, and check out Series 2:

Along with Katniss and Peeta in their training outfits, Hunger Games Series 2 also features Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive versions of Cato and Rue to complete your Hunger Games collection!

Figures have shipped and will be in stores shortly, so don’t miss out!

And don’t forget to pick up your Hunger Games DVD now so you can be ready when Catching Fire hits next year! More to come!