When you run a movie news aggregate site with quasi-humorous original content, people like to drop you a line now and again, to get some exposure for their movies. Usually (always) it’s indie projects, and usually, they really aren’t good enough to warrant writing about.

Which is sad, since I get paid in corn chips, and my bosses are basically saying your movie isn’t worth a bag of Doritos to them.

Me on pay day.

That being said, occasionally, someone gets it right. While we have yet to see the next Kevin Smith come around (thank God, he’d probably eat my corn chips), we did recently get an email for an indie zombie short film, titled “We Are What We Eat”. The email we got promoting it could have been a little better. It was quick to point out that the director was 16, but failed to mention his name, so that was kind of weird. But the trailer looked pretty cool!

We are What We Eat Trailer

So it basically involves kids becoming zombies. This is a premise that has yet to be fully explored past Rosemary’s baby in Dawn of the Dead. That was the one in the mall, right? They’re all starting to blur name wise. And content wise really. But hey, high school kids running around biting each other? I’m down. Really puts the threat of STDs and teen pregnancy in perspective.

That’s not to say the film makes a lot of sense. Of course, it’s a short, and only like 10 minutes to boot. So there’s not exactly a lot of room for character development other than developing into shambling corpses feasting on pubescent brains. Judging from the teenagers I know, that’s not likely a filling meal.

Wow, mono is really getting around.

Although the movie looks pretty good for an indie, it still has its flaws. At one point the female lead is randomly taking pictures of some trees and comes across her friend who is clearly no longer suffering from life. Then the scene suddenly shifts to our girl walking down the sidewalk with a bloody hole in her leg and an even bloodier branch/club in her hand. I can only assume she tripped on it and it stabbed her leg then decided to carry it home as a trophy.

Damn, mom's never going to believe me.

She then goes on to have a few more scene shifts where her friend is fine, then dead, then everyone is dead but a teacher, and you know, are you really watching a zombie movie for plot? No, so who cares whats going on. The important thing to point out, is there are creepy zombie British kids, which we all know are like 150% more creepy than American zombie kids.

Baby Zombie Eats Cat Brain

So if you get a chance to check out “We Are What We Eat” at a film festival or somewhere online, take a look. It’s only ten minutes and it’s a cool little feature. If you like zombies, you’ll enjoy it.