News about Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man film keeps coming. During an interview with Screen Rant, the film’s director Peyton Reed confirmed that Cassie Lang, daughter of Scott Lang (played in the movie by Paul Rudd), will play some sort of role in the story.

“In the comics, Scott Lang has a daughter, and that’s part of the movie, too,” Reed states in the interview.


Readers of the Marvel comics know that Cassie Lang, in addition to being Scott’s daughter, is a superhero in her own right by the name of Stature, a member of the teen group the Young Avengers. Prior to her life as a do-gooder, however, Cassie had a congenital heart condition that prompted her father to steal equipment from Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. He intended to use Hank’s work to rescue the only doctor who could save Cassie.


As this movie seems to be more focused on the origins of the relationship between Hank and Scott, it is doubtful that Cassie’s super-heroics will play a role in the film.

Evangeline-Lilly Ant-Man

On that note of familial bonds, it’s already been confirmed that Evangeline Lilly (Lost, Real Steel) will play Hank Pym’s daughter, Hope.

Ant-Man hits theaters July 17, 2015.

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