The original 1976 Carrie is one of the most visceral horror movies of all time. Can the next-gen remake stand up?

This will be the second time Stephen King’s Carrie has been given a modernizing. The second one arrived in 2002 and starred Angela Bettis in the title role as a telekinetic teenager, but this time around it’s Chloë Grace Moretz getting drenched in pig’s blood at the prom.

With bullying in the news every week if not every day, Carrie’s never been more topical, and we here at MG can’t wait to see the modern spin put on this timeless tale.

Watch the Teaser Trailer

Carrie Through the Years

You may notice something about the new Carrie. Young Miss Moretz is, well, pretty.

In case you didn’t feel ridiculously old yet, this girl was born in 1997.

If you saw Chloë Grace Moretz walking down the street, you’d probably say to yourself, “Wow, I bet she’s an actress in one of those movies about pretty people doing fun things” — and you wouldn’t be wrong. In addition to currently having no fewer than EIGHT projects in various stages of production, she starred in Kick-Ass as Hit-Girl and has been on 30 Rock. Somebody’s about to get very famous.

And that’s cool, but wasn’t the thing about Carrie that she wasn’t one of the beautiful people? Not that Sissy Spacek — who played the part originally — or Angela Bettis were unattractive, but they were different-looking enough that there was some contrast there.

That’ll show her for thinking she could have one decent night without constant harassment.

What to Do?

You don’t usually run into a situation in movies where they have to make the star look less attractive, but that seems to be what the role is calling for here. Something tells me Chloë Grace Moretz will have no shortage of face-time in 2013 to make up for it, specially with all the buzz surround Kick-Ass 2.

Yeah, probably.

With Julianne Moore as the wacko religious fanatic mom and all the fire and fury you can handle, Carrie hits theaters March 15, 2013!